The American Dream

The innocence of asking a child, “what do you want to be when you grow up,” maybe be the seed that starts the journey toward the American dream. So many great leaders have described the American Dream, such as Martin Luther King’s famous, I Have a Dream speech that rallied a nation’s desire for equality. Or as Judy Garland puts it, “somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.”

So I ask you, what is your American dream?

I am honored and humbled to be featured in six episodes of The American Dream television show. I invite you to share my excitement in discovering the American dream right here in our backyard, Washington DC.

In cities all across the country, the American Dream features 8-12 Power Players of Real Estate to establish them as the “Expert of their Market’ within our show and our network. I have been chosen to represent DC in six upcoming episodes of The American Dream.

The American Dream is a Television show in its 5th year, which started in California and is now streaming and airing in nearly every major city. Our central focus is real estate and the people behind it. The show weaves its storylines between topics like homeownership, lifestyles, entrepreneurship, charity, neighborhood, and family.

“John exemplified the qualities of passion and creativity. He was a perfect match to represent Washington DC in The American Dream.”

Craig Sewing, Host of THe american dream

Craig Sewing, host of The American Dream, explains, “The American Dream, a national cable talk show, is different from other programs. Our mission strays away from all negative viewpoints often found in the media, instead choosing to focus on educating, empowering, and engaging with viewers to help achieve personal American Dreams through subjects that include real estate, finance, and entrepreneurial mindset.”

Over the next few weeks, I will begin shooting the first few episodes, which will reflect my overall storyline of relationships, history, and community. The opportunity to bring DC’s culture, entertainment, and incredible neighborhood history to a national state is both exciting and humbling.

My 20 plus years in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland real estate market have brought thousands of new relationships and the chance to support the building of neighborhoods and the healthy growth of our city. I am blessed to work and live in the heart of Capital Hill. My home is surrounded by historical landmarks, incredible eateries, and exposure to some of the city’s most relished residential properties.

As a veteran, I will dedicate an episode to raise the awareness of our military service members as they transition from base-to-base throughout their careers. As one active duty spouse reflected, “I have a default master’s degree in logistics from moving my family ten times in the past 20 years.” I have had the honor to work with both active duty and veteran families to navigate the VA loan process resulting in faster closings and reduced upfront fees.

Join me in this journey of the American dream as we discover the sights and sounds of our local community and city. I want to thank all of my clients (friends) and family who have supported my dream of becoming a person of incredible passion, love, and integrity.

What is my American Dream? Well, stay tuned and follow me over the next year on The American Dream as I share my story with a city I love dearly.

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