Bombay Street Food will open its second location this week in Capital Hill.

Capital Hill offers some of the District’s most excellent culinary eateries such as Montmartre, Chiko, and Beuchert’s Saloon and soon will welcome Asad Sheikh’s Bombay Street Food 2. This week Asad Sheikh’s most notable contribution to the culture of his native land, Bombay (Mumbai), and the bright and vibrant flavors of India will expand his original Columbia Heights location to Barrack’s Row.

Bombay Street Foods

The Capitol Hill area has a longstanding reputation for offering the city’s most diverse and culturally rich restaurants. As a long-time resident of the area, I have enjoyed the consistency of choice and experience provided by the inspiring and genius food aficionados.

Capital Hill’s Eastern Market

My 20 years as a real estate agent has brought vast memories of showing my clients the hidden pockets of neighborhoods, including the row homes of Eastern Market, the history of Barracks Row, and the blooming Washington Navy Yard. But the most vivid reflections are the times spent introducing new resident’s tastebuds to the many flavors of my favorite eateries.

Not only clients, but friends.

My next post will review the sites, sounds, and yes, the tastes of the upcoming holidays offered by our community.

John Bratton, The Digital Mayor of Capitol Hill

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